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With the Managed Service Kubernetes as a Service offering from Medialine, we provide you with the ideal platform for highly scalable and performant container applications. Through our self-service portal, you can master the orchestration of container applications in distributed production environments with flexibility, agility, and dynamism, with individually customizable configuration.

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Boost your business success with and through our expert knowledge of optimized use of sophisticated infrastructures. As your strategic innovation driver, we bridge the gap between legacy VMware infrastructures and containerized workloads. As a trusted advisor, we provide security, transparency, and control over your Managed Service Kubernetes operation.

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With Kubernetes as a Service by Medialine, we offer you a service for Kubernetes that goes beyond mere deployment: We provide the amazing features of Kubernetes and consider other important services for you. These include: Load Balancer as a Service, Monitoring, and many other features:

  • Resilience through auto-scaling ensures high availability of your K8s-deployments while reducing costs.

  • A precisely defined number of nodes limits costs and ensures that the respective service does not consume too many resources and that the platform has enough space to start.

  • With cutting-edge storage solutions, you have access to a fully integrated persistent data storage.

  • For easy integration and automation, Kubernetes is integrated into CI/CD via the cloud API.

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We offer you an automated, highly scalable Kubernetes platform as Kubernetes as a Service. We carefully consider your existing IT infrastructure and provide you with individual advice for the most suitable solution for you. For example, proprietary systems can be integrated into company clouds via SaaS applications, where Kubernetes clusters are built on virtual servers using Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

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We host your company data in German data centers located in Germany. Our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified data centers provide the highest standards in quality management and IT security. Our data centers are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as hardware and software. With a reliable cloud stack, you have control over your data with us as a partner you can trust.

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As Trusted Advisors for our customers, we are the first and confidential point of contact for your questions about Kubernetes as a Service. We help you with the introduction of your Kubernetes as a Service structure. We assist in creating the appropriate design. We protect your existing server environments in our jointly developed solution. We strictly adhere to our maxims of reliability and trust, ensuring that no performance is lost due to overprovisioning.

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  • Integration into Self Service center: Kubernetes is fully integrated into Medialine's Self Service center. The browser-based user interface provides a platform for creating Kubernetes clusters or creating and deleting node pools. For a Kubernetes architecture that is as fault-tolerant as possible, you can distribute multiple node pools across different data centers.

  • Linking Legacy VMware Infrastructures and Container Applications: By connecting VMware workloads in the Self Service center, linking becomes easier than ever before.

  • Reliable High Availability: The technical interfaces of the CompanyCloud provide an intelligent architecture for product automation. Insights into existing clusters are possible around the clock. The high availability is reliable thanks to the georedundant control panel.

  • Individual Configuration: With an individual configuration of your network, you can use dedicated IPs specified at the level of the node pool.

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The standard platform for container orchestration is Kubernetes, which offers a unified language for describing system-level concerns and is highly modular. Previously, it required significant effort to design custom solutions for creating an environment for container processing. The Medialine offering with VMware Tanzu enables abstraction of the extremely complex Kubernetes infrastructure and makes it manageable. It frees developers from the necessary tinkering and offers flexible add-on services in the SaaS area through the proprietary CompanyCloud. Our unique selling point is the in-house operated CompanyCloud and the flexibly bookable services in the SaaS sector. With Kubernetes as a Service with VMware Tanzu, it is no longer necessary to be with a hyperscaler to be able to use powerful and high-performance functions - the own cloud provider, over which products from the VMware family are already consumed or hosted, can easily add the platform. Extensions for multicloud are still bookable in the Tanzu Suite, for example, Microsoft Azure or AWS can be connected and managed.

The central component of Kubernetes as a Service by Medialine is the cluster and node pool management. The Kubernetes service can be controlled either through the K8s API or via the self-service center of the CompanyCloud. Here, you can create Kubernetes clusters directly from the CompanyCloud user interface, create node pools, or delete them.

Kubernetes is a revolutionary approach that makes life easier for DevOps. However, Kubernetes implementation is complex and time-consuming. We offer a service that goes beyond mere deployment. With Kubernetes as a Service from Medialine, you get a stable and reliable container control, as well as increased agility for faster rollouts of features and services, easy scalability, real-time adjustments, and Kubernetes clusters integrated directly into the Cloud Director Portal, not just created via API.

Through Tanzu Mission, the Kubernetes interface can be learned and tested. After agreeing on goals, an automated creation of an isolated vSphere 7 environment with Tanzu (Nested) is set up - complete with vCenter, ESXi & vSan and an AVI Load Balancer. Once Tanzu is activated, the platform is ready for evaluation for 60 days and Kubernetes can be tested.


  • Simplified cluster lifecycle management: Creating, updating, and deleting Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters in many environments.
  • Multi-cluster management: Allows the attachment of all conforming Kubernetes clusters running in other environments.
  • Data protection and business continuity: Create backups and restore them on the same or different clusters in various clouds.
  • Identity and access management: Implement centralized authentication and authorization as well as identities from multiple sources.